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1. Pre-training tasks(培训前事宜)

1)Identifying the purpose(确定目标): The objective of the training for the staff of our client company is to improve their oral and written business English in the workplace. 

2)Measuring proficiency levels (测试水平): Before the training, a test will be given to understand the trainees’ English level. After the training, a test designed by the trainer on the basis of the tailor-made course is intended for measuring the effectiveness of the course and evaluating the improvement of trainees’ speaking skills.

3)Designing the course (制定课程): After the above two steps are completed, the trainer starts designing the course that is to be customized and maximally meet the needs of trainees. 

2. During the training(培训中)

Highly effective training methods(高效培训方法)

·Multi-media teaching(现代化的视频教学)

·Role plays(情景模拟)

·Group discussion(小组讨论)

·Business presentations(商务演讲)

·Other interactive exercises(其他互动练习)

3. After the training(培训后)

·Post-training progress assessment exam(培训后测试评估)

·Results meeting with the client’s needs(培训效果达到客户需求)

·Providing future studying materials and help(提供英语学习材料和帮助)

4. Customized Training Content(度身定做的培训内容)

1. Eight Stages of Basic Conversational English Course (八阶段零起点生活口语课程)

Stage 1: Our customized materials and Side By Side 1 博外教育自编教材和全球畅销教材 

Stage 2: Our customized materials and Side By Side 1博外教育自编教材和全球畅销教材

Stage 3: Our customized materials and Side By Side 2博外教育自编教材和全球畅销教材

Stage 4: Our customized materials and Side By Side 2博外教育自编教材和全球畅销教材

Stage 5: Our customized materials and Side By Side 3博外教育自编教材和全球畅销教材

Stage 6: Our customized materials and Side By Side 3博外教育自编教材和全球畅销教材

Stage 7: Our customized materials and Side By Side 4博外教育自编教材和全球畅销教材

Stage 8: Our customized materials and Side By Side 4博外教育自编教材和全球畅销教材

2. Twelve Stages of Conversational English Course (十二阶段实用外教口语课程)

Stages 1 & 2:New Interchange基础级别1,使用《剑桥国际英语教程/Intro Level》

Stages 3 & 4:New Interchange基础级别2,使用《剑桥国际英语教程/Book One》

Stages 5 & 6:New Interchange提高级别,使用《剑桥国际英语教程/Book Two》

Stages 7 & 8:New Interchange强化级别,使用《剑桥国际英语教程/Book Three》

Stages 9 & 10:New Interchange熟练级别,使用《剑桥国际英语教程/Book Four》

Stages 11 & 12:New Interchange高级级别,使用《剑桥国际英语教程/Book Five》

3. Nine Stages of Real-life Business English Course(九阶段实战商务英语听说课程)

1)Course Goals(课程目标):Improve your business English communication skills such as face to face interaction, telephoning, meeting, presenting and socializing within a relatively short time. (在短期内提高学员的面对面、电话、会谈、演讲、社交等商务英语沟通技能。)

2)Course Trainer (授课教师): Taught by native English trainers. (全外教授课。)


Stage 1: warming up stage with a lot of small talk practice (商务口语预报阶段:学习与西方人士闲聊的常见话题和句型) 

Stage 2: greeting, self-introduction, job description, company introduction, reception, using office equipment, requesting, taking/leaving a message, etc.(学习打招呼、介绍、描述职责、介绍公司、接待、使用办公设备、请求帮助、接听电话等。)

Stage 3: telephoning, inviting, eating Chinese food, travel arrangements, booking, asking for permission, problem solving, offering help and suggestions, etc. (学习打电话、邀请、吃中餐、旅行安排、预订、征求许可、解决问题、提供帮助和建议等。)

Stage 4: making appointments, booking hotels, meeting a client at the airport, eating Western food, visiting a showroom, presenting a production, visiting a factory, etc.(学习打电话预约、预订宾馆、机场接客、吃西餐、参观样品间、产品介绍、参观工厂等。)

Stage 5: price negotiations, ordering, packing, insurance, delivery, signing agreements, collections, dealing with complaints, etc.(学习价格磋商、订购、包装和保险、交货、签约、催款、投诉接待等。)

Stage 6: face to face business talks, making phone calls, business negotiations, business meetings, business negotiations, etc.(学习面对面沟通、打电话、商务演示、商务会谈、商务谈判等。)

Stage 7: business negotiations, exhibitions, marketing communication, cross-cultural communication, interviewing, etc.(学习商务谈判、会展、营销沟通、跨文化沟通、面试等。)

Stage 8: sales, after sales, promotions, financing, human resourcing, administration, etc.  (学习销售、售后服务、营销、财务、人力资源、行政管理等话题相关的沟通技能和相关知识)。

Stage 9: information technology, e-commerce, logistics, business operations, business planning, leaderships, management, etc.(学习信息技术、电子商务、物流、商务运作、商务计划、领导艺术和管理技能等话题相关的沟通技能和相关知识。)

4. Practical Business English Writing Course(实战商务英语写作课程) 

1)Course Goals(课程目标):Improve your email and report writing skills. (让学员通过短期培训驾驭商务电邮和报告写作,具体而言包括:1) 逐渐掌握商务邮件和报告写作思路和结构,从而提高写作效率;2) 了解并逐步采用恰当的商务写作风格;3) 掌握常见的商务用语和常见语法结构。)

2)Course Content(授课内容):商务邮件(Emails)和报告写作(Reports)。根据学员工作内容选取邮件写作话题、并讲解技巧;评析、修改学员工作邮件;学习并讲解有针对性的邮件和报告范文。

3)Course Handouts(授课讲义):根据学员需求,挑选实用写作话题进行操练,并从大量国外教材中精选相关内容,让学员掌握地道的实用商务英语表达。

About Bowai Education Bowai Education, established in Shanghai in 2008, have been providing educational consultation and training services with great support from universities and other educational organizations from China and abroad. In the beginning, we mainly provided business English training courses for businesspeople to improve their English. We were well received by our clients due to our professional and dedicated trainers, excellent services and reasonable prices.
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