Foreign teacher references
案例名称: Peter Wybenga
说明: Curriculum Design and Implementation Director - Greater China at YES-Asia / Global Education Alliance. Robert is one of the most responsable individuals I have ever worked with in the ESL industry in China. He is always extraordinarily well prepared, and always willing to lend a hand with the planning and delivery of quality lessons and programs. Our work together thus far has been quite mutually beneficial, and I fully expect that all of our future work together will also...more. May 3, 2013, Peter worked directly with Robert at Bright English Center
案例名称: Nathan Curl
说明: Instructional DesignerRobert He is an exceptional leader and organizer. When unforeseen situations arise with clients and/or colleagues Robert diffuses the situation with rational spontaneity, never allowing anxiety to compromise his judgment. His attention to detail is impeccable, allowing him to handle multiple tasks efficiently and effectively. General Manager is a title that does not do justice to Robert's duties at Bright English Center. Essentially Robert was Bright English Center. He was the primary salesperson, recruiter, trainer, customer service representative, and the thread that held the company together. Should you choose to hire Robert, expect an employee that dedicates himself to the success of his company and performs beyond expectations. November 20, 2012, Nathan repor...
案例名称: Thomas Evans
说明: Aupair in Shanghai, Europe or The USHello,I have no hesitation in saying that I have found Cory to be an entirely trustworthy and reliable man to work with during the last 4 years. Any teacher or organization considering working with him will be happy with their choice. Tom Evans, November 9, 2012, Thomas was with another company when working with Robert at Bright English Center
案例名称: Mikel G. Edwards
说明: Director of Curriculum and Instruction at Telfort Education GroupTo whom it may concern, I unequivocally recommend Mr. Robert He for his efficiency, hard work, integrity, and excellent communication skills. I did not know him before I started searching for a confident advocate here in the Chinese market. After four or five others had failed dismally to meet my standard of professionalism, I discovered the “can do” spirit that all of Robert’s work exemplifies. His efficient hard working attention to detail quickly became apparent.  Robert thoughtfully analyzed my skill set and the labor needs in Shanghai and created reasonable targets and goals. We regularly communicated by both email and telephone.  Robert’s English is excellent but more importantly his grasp of global busin...
案例名称: Roberto Luis Rodriguez
说明: “Last August I was looking for working as a full time ESL English teacher. Despite my three plus years of teaching experience, I was having some difficulty finding a teaching position. An acquaintance referred me to Roberto He. He said that Robert is very good at helping foreign teachers, such as me, find work. All of my previous teaching job searches were done via email and Skype. My meeting with Robert was my first ‘face to face’ experience in dealing with a local (Shanghai, China) job recruiter. I really didn’t know what to expect. Any worries that I may have had in working with a local recruiter was eliminated when I met and talked with Robert. I found (and still do) Robert to be a very friendly and open minded person. I thought communicating with him would be a little difficult but hi...
案例名称: Russ Swaim
说明: Metro Vancouver Area Manager at Leader ImpactMr. He is one of the brightest and organized young entrepreneurs in China today. He is very hard working and creative. He is great at connecting with people, and has an amazing ability to match teachers with jobs teaching English. I would trust him with any work I would need done. Russ, September 12, 2012, Russ was with another company when working with Robert at Bright English Center.
案例名称: Stephen Pijanowski
说明: Looking for a teaching position in Psychology. I am ABD and working on my dissertation. Cory is one of the few recruiters in the business who is honest and cared for people. If I ever had to do it again, I would not change a thing May 9, 2013, Stephen was Cory's client
案例名称: Michelle Moors
说明: ESL TeacherCory Liu is a great, honest guy who has so many contacts in education across China. He's really efficient at keeping me up to date on the latest events & opportunities and I know if I need any advice or help then I can definitely trust him. I'd recommend Cory to anyone who wants to know more or find work within education in China. May 8, 2013, Michelle worked with Cory at Bright English Center
案例名称: Norman Lacey
说明: Educational Business ConsultantCory is a Chinese businessman who really takes care of the individual. This is most unusual in China! I have been impressed with his honesty and flexible attitude to providing solutions for both the educational institution and the teacher. He always displays a professional attitude whilst making sure all parties get what they want and what they need. I always...more. May 4, 2013, Norman was with another company when working with Robert at Bright English Center
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