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Bowai Education has helped hundreds of teachers with a world-wide recognized TESOL/TEFL certificate. Most of our clients were referred to us due to our excellent services and the unquestionable quality of our certificate. We can also provide authentication service for our TESOL certificate in the US if it is required. 

We are also a recruiter that helps over 200 schools in China find their teachers, and in the meantime help the teachers with the needed TESOL certificate for getting a teaching job and a work visa. As many of the teachers are already very experienced and qualified, we have been especially authorized by the American TESOL Institute to provide fast and professional services for the experienced teachers who need a TESOL certificate. We can get them the certificate within 7-10 days with the teachers’ necessary work done as well. 

Many teachers who are looking for a TESOL course are worried about the security of their payment, but you can rest assured with us as our course is from an established company in the US. Moreover, Bowai Education highly values its highly, and we have enjoyed very good references from our clients as well. We cherish our reputation and good references and will not risk losing them by only cheating you out of your tuition that is a big sum of money. 

As there are so many TESOL/TEFL courses on the market, and many of them (on-line ones or the ones without 120 hours on them) do not work in China any more, we suggest that you do not choose them. Now the Chinese schools and government only recognize THE 120 HOUR IN-CLASS TESOL certificate. It is one of the musts for getting a teaching work visa or a teaching job in China. We sincerely hope to help you get THE 120 HOUR IN-CLASS and life-long valid TESOL certificate that is recognized across the world as well. All our certificates are authentic and are in good standing with The American TESOL Institute chartered under the laws of the United States of America. 

If you are in Shanghai, we would love to meet you so that we can show you all the real documents, talk about the details and answer your questions. If you are not in Shanghai, we can talk on video Wechat or on the phone to do the same. 

Client References (2)

Client References (2)

Client References (2)

About Bowai Education Bowai Education, established in Shanghai in 2008, have been providing educational consultation and training services with great support from universities and other educational organizations from China and abroad. In the beginning, we mainly provided business English training courses for businesspeople to improve their English. We were well received by our clients due to our professional and dedicated trainers, excellent services and reasonable prices.
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