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About Us 1.General introduction

Bowai Education has been running a FEC Bureau-recognized 120-hour TESOL course at a very reasonable price.  We are authorized by the world-famous American TESOL Institute to provide such a course. The TESOL certificate can be used for getting a foreign expert certificate and a work visa in China(now the Chinese government issues a B type work visa for teachers instead of a FEC teaching work visa). Please let us know if you or your friends are interested.

(1) TESOL introduction

It (also known as TEFL) is the acronym for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. Taking a TESOL course is your passport to a world of travel and adventure teaching English abroad. There is a tremendous demand for TESOL qualified teachers worldwide with job opportunities in just about every country around the globe.

(2) The strengths of our course:

·Very competitive price: We can get a discounted market price (50% off). The market price is 9000 to 12000. We can give you a very reasonable price as we would sincerely like to help our teacher friends to get a work visa or a teaching job in China ASAP at a very low cost.

·Fast service: You can get the certificate within 5-10 days or less.

·The location for the in-class practice: Bowai Education is close to Caoyang Road Station of Line 3/4/11 in Shanghai. If you are not in Shanghai, we will provide in-class teaching practice through Skype or Wechat. 

·Convenience: You can study online most of the time. You can also do the course even though you are abroad.  

·Guaranteed quality: We assure you that our certificates are authentic and are in good standing with The American TESOL Institute, chartered under the laws of the United States of America. We can use the reputation of Bowai Education as the guarantee as well.

·Use range: You can use this certificate to teach in any Chinese school anytime. It is also worldwide recognized as the certificate is issued by the American headquarters of American TESOL Institute. Please note that most Foreign Expert Bureaus in China including Shanghai’s only recognize and accept a 120-hour in-class TESOL certificate nowadays. Lots of on-line certificates or those with less than 120 hours’ study are not recognized by the government, which can result in a failure of obtaining a teaching work visa.

(3) Applicants’ requirements

·Languages: Must be able to speak fairly good or fluent English. Chinese language ability is NOT necessary.

·Qualifications: Ideally a university/college student or recent graduate or people who are interested in teaching English in China or other countries.

·Nationalities: Open to people from all over the world, with no distinctions in culture, race, gender or religion. 

(4) Two choices for you:

After receiving your course tuition, we have two choices for you:

(1) You will get a study link and several professional books, and you will have to finish answering all the questions, completing the test, and doing the teaching practice. And then you can receive the certificate. This is suggested for those who have no teaching experience and really need to get some teaching techniques through doing this course and get the certificate in the meantime. You can get the in-class teaching practice through our center as well. If you take this choice, you will normally get the certificate in about 1-2 months’ time.

(2) You will get the certificate within 5-10 working days after you have paid for the course. You need to finish answering some questions after reading two professional books that will be sent to you. You need to do some in-class teaching practice through Skype or at our training center as well. This choice is good for those teachers who have good teaching experience but need a certificate to get certified, esp. for a work visa or a teaching job as all schools in China require teachers to have a TESOL/TEFL certificate.

About Bowai Education Bowai Education, established in Shanghai in 2008, have been providing educational consultation and training services with great support from universities and other educational organizations from China and abroad. In the beginning, we mainly provided business English training courses for businesspeople to improve their English. We were well received by our clients due to our professional and dedicated trainers, excellent services and reasonable prices.
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