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To whom it may concern, 

I unequivocally recommend Mr. Robert He for his efficiency, hard work, integrity, and excellent communication skills. I did not know him before I started searching for a confident advocate here in the Chinese market. After four or five others had failed dismally to meet my standard of professionalism, I discovered the “can do” spirit that all of Robert’s work exemplifies. His efficient hard working attention to detail quickly became apparent.  Robert thoughtfully analyzed my skill set and the labor needs in Shanghai and created reasonable targets and goals. We regularly communicated by both email and telephone.  Robert’s English is excellent but more importantly his grasp of global business culture would make him an asset to any client or company anywhere in the world. I came to trust Robert’s judgment and he advised me on a number of issues that have had lasting benefit. In the months that followed my arrival in China we have become not just professional associates but friends. His young son has become friends with my daughter and I would be pleased to recommend Robert’s character and work ethic to anyone interested in quality and high standards. From Mikel G. Edwards  (Ph.D., Columbia University) Director of Curriculum and Instruction. Telfort Education Group, Shanghai, China 

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