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1. Suggested training hours for one class of no more than 15 students(15人以内班的培训时间)

Total hours (总培训时间): 4 hours per week on the client’s site, twice a week; 100 hours totally. (每周2次课,一次2小时,上课地点客户公司; 总共100小时)

2. Training investment(培训投资)

About the cost of our customized business English courses, we usually charge RMB1500 or more per hour for corporate courses, which is a very reasonable price on the market as most companies charge RMB1600-2000 for one hour. We would like to give you a discounted price of RMB1200 for one hour. (我们的度身定制的商务英语培训课程每小时的费用一般是人民币1500或以上一个小时,该价格在市场上是非常合理的,因为目前多数语言培训公司的价格为人民币1600-2000一个小时。我们可为贵公司提供优惠价格:每小时1200人民币。)

As the hourly rate of a native English trainer course is RMB1200, the total training fee is RMB120,000.(外教每小时1200元,总培训课酬投资为12万人民币。)

The transportation fee is RMB100 per session; there are totally 50 sessions of 2 hours; the total transportation fee is RMB5000. (外教授课路费每次100人民币;共50次课;总路费5000人民币。)

The text books fee is RMB200 for one student. As there are 15 students, the total textbook fee is RMB3000. (教材费,每位学员200,共3000人民币。)

The total training investment for 100 hours is RMB128000. (100小时总培训费用为:120,000+5000+3000=128000人民币。)

About Bowai Education Bowai Education, established in Shanghai in 2008, have been providing educational consultation and training services with great support from universities and other educational organizations from China and abroad. In the beginning, we mainly provided business English training courses for businesspeople to improve their English. We were well received by our clients due to our professional and dedicated trainers, excellent services and reasonable prices.
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